Recovery Gear


It's only a matter of time before you run into trouble when you go off the main roads and start explore. Make sure you have the right equipment to get you out of any predicament to enjoy the adventure and experience RE TED Winch come in all shapes and sizes, provide the best solution for every off-roader to get out of trouble

TRE TED winch is equipped with a winch motor breather, directly integrated into motor the housing. This special design is conceived from the demanding recoveries in every recovery conditions.

Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene Fiber is the material of the TRE EXTREME TOUGH Winch Rope. TRE winch rope is double braided construction come with 12 inner strand rope.


TRE4x4’s recovery kit is a comprehensive recovery kit containing everything required for a vehicle or winch based recovery.TRE vehicle recovery kit and accessories are designed and manufactured to the highest standards.

Including Snatch Straps, Snatch Block, Damper, D-Shackle, Soft Shackle, Exhaust Jack... TRE vehicle recovery accessories will protect you and your car's safety and will let you enjoy the pleasure of off road.

1 x Snatch Block, 8,000kg
1 x Snatch Strap, 8,000kg, 9m x 60mm
1 x Tree Trunk Protector, 12,000kg, 3m x 75mm
1 x Winch extension Strap, 5,000kg
2 x D-Shackles 4.7T each
1 x Winch Damper
1 x Gloves


Snatch Straps

Specifically designed for maximum performance, elastic properties, greater assistance.

8T/9T Snatch Block

Increase your pulling power when recovering, pulling or winching a vehicle in any direction

TRE S-Hook

Convenient recovery tools for winching and towing, highly reduce the working time to latch on

Folding Ground Anchor

TRE Folding Ground Anchor can be easily carried around and can be easily folded and stored neatly.

TRE Recovery Rope

TRE Recovery Rope made by UHAWPE 100% double-braided nylon rope vinyl road armor coating.

TRE D-Shackle

Necessary and important to recovery, help your strap attach to the vehicle.

TRE Damper

Absorb most of the energy in the cable or strap, significantly reducing the recoil.

TRE Drag Chain

TRE drag chain with its seven meters in length and comes with a storage bag.


TRE RECOVERY BOARD PRO-II, specially designed with the unique effective function and beautiful appearance, is the most reliable friend of every driver got in stuck of the trip but no one's there could provide a hand. They would assit you in getting rid of the dilemma when lacking other traction in any toughest of conditions, like in sand, mud or even snow.

TRE RECOVERY BOARD PRO-II are strongly durable, wear resistant and high flexibility. With the unique composite construction EXOTRED, they could help the tyres restores the adhesion and provide the ultimate traction by maintaining a highly pressure on the tyres against the flex of being under vehicle weight on less than stable ground.


Hand Winch

TRE Hand Winch is the safest manual winches on the market with a winch shock absorber and the gloves provided

Rubber Recovery Traction Track

Ideal for use in Sand, Mud and Snow off-road emergency rescue with 1. 5 meter length

Recovery Board

The ultimate recovery device that can get you out of trouble even in the worst of conditions

Exhaust Jack

An essential recovery tool when your vehicle has unexpected emergencies

TRE Lift Jack

The all-cast jack manufactured from high yield and tensile strength iron castings

TRE Soft Shackle

Used in place of traditional steel bow shackles, provide a lighter, more versatile and safer option.